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Contract management software solution for law firms and corporate legal departments

Radrock Provisions - Simple and Powerful

Radrock Provisions can import Acrobat and Word content from the firm’s Document Management System and store the latest version in the repository. Users can easily tag provisions within the contract using our expert viewer. Each provision can be assigned as a Task to another user, or to a Calendar as a critical appointment. With a simple search in our web client, a user can easily locate a contract, it’s provisions, and see exactly what the terms are for the engagement.
  • Now firm staff can manage and assign provisions all in a web based solution.
  • No need for MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access databases, or emails
  • Radrock Provisions requires a Microsoft SQL Server – 2008R2, 2012, 2014, or 2016.
  • Windows IIS Server – 2008R2, 2012R2, or 2016
  • Integration with iManage, NetDocuments, and Worldox
Welcome to Provisions

What is Radrock Provisions and how it can help my business

Reduce risk, simplify workflow, and never miss a contract expiration. Watch our 1-minute video to learn how Radrock Provisions manages tasks efficiently and effectively.

What We Do

Service We Provide

Financial Engine

Easily assign a predefined financial rule to a provision in the contract to enable notifications and awareness of a financial-based provision. Integrates with Aderant Expert and Elite.

Time & Date Triggers

Specific provisions of contracts can be configured to send recurring notifications based on a schedule. These triggers enable a constant reminder of compliance.

Administrative Settings

Radrock Provisions enables administrators for a customized experience to more closely match how the expected behavior of the application at the Firm.

Important Alerts

Radrock Provisions supports notifications on provision acknowledgements, Task assignments, as well as Calendar Appointments for contracts and provisions.


Radrock Provisions is an on-premises solution utilizing a local MS SQL Server and IIS Server. Integrations exist with iManage, NetDocuments, and Worldox to easily capture contract documents.

Provision Profiling

Every provision can easily be categorized for easy searching and notifications.
Radrock Provisions


  • How is the product sold?

    Radrock Provisions pricing is based on the following:

    • We sell Radrock Provisions on a per seat basis for those users that need access to the product, regardless if they are attorneys or staff.
    • In addition, we require the purchase of a server based license.
    • Only one server is required.
    • The Radrock Provisions Client sells for $100/seat
    • The Server sells for $5,000
    • Annual maintenance of 20% for users and server licenses.
    • All Consulting services will be charged per hour to assist with the setup and configuration.
  • Is there a trial version of Radrock Provisions?

    Sort of! Due to the amount of time required to setup and configure the system, we do not offer a trial license.  However, we can give user account access to a sandbox in our cloud to test the system and see how it works.

  • Who should buy and use Radrock Provisions?

    Any law firm or in-house legal department with the requirement to better organize, categorize, and assign provisions of a contract.

    For law firms, outside counsel guidelines are most critical to be communicated to the legal staff. And for legal departments, commitments with clients/customers, or outside legal firms will need to properly work within the provisions outlined.

  • What types of documents does Radrock Provisions support?

    Our Expert Viewer supports PDF and DOCX formats. If others are required, we can work with you to customize the document support your organization requires.

  • We would like to classify our provisions differently than most; are user defined fields (UDF) allowed?

    Yes! We support an unlimited number of UDF fields for each provision.

    In addition, we support an unlimited number of UDF fields per Contract profile.

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